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I'm considering selling part of this two acre property which I bought in 2006. Some months later I subdivided a quarter acre and got it titled for an American friend (see image).


  • Most importantly, it's one of the only foreign owned land in the area with clear property title.
  • The property is on the new paved highway from Chinandega. Easy to get there in 20 minutes for supplies- no mud or dust.
  • Power poles run directly in front of the property so hooking up to electricity is not an issue.
  • The Government has recently implemented a scheme to supply water to this area. Because of the slope of the land the bottom area is also a good place for a well.
  • The soil is very fertile and the property is full of trees that provide shade.
  • The neighborhood is peaceful and quiet, a few km's from the nearest village.
  • Beautiful holiday homes are being built at Aposentillo beach and the Marina has future development plans giving this area great investment potential.
  • The property is close to Aposentillo beach (a great beginners spot) and the beach named "The Boom" (tuberiders heaven). Nearby is the only public access road to this legendary beach.

If you are interested feel free to contact me.




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