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The area of Aserradores is an interesting place. Because of the estuary it has an old history with the very first Spanish who founded the old town of El Viejo nearby. The local community was founded on farming and fishing due to the estuary access and multitude of sea life.

In the last ten years an exclusive marina was built which has five star accomodation though it's usually very quiet. The fancy marina visually contrasts the simple life of the people who live here. In spite of the apparent poverty, people are smiling and well mannered. As the community is very strong, the crime rate is low and the feeling for visitors is overwhelmingly positive. Aside from visiting surfers, the latest addition to the community is a small number of surfing land owners who have become so addicted to this beautiful friendly place with world class waves that they've started to build simple holiday houses. At this point these numbers are very few and the surf remains relatively uncrowded.

In all my travels in Central America, this was the spot that grabbed me- it's stunningly beautiful, still unspoiled and has a kind of raw natural feeling to it that's hard to put into words. Go and enjoy it while it lasts.