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Not too far from the cabin are two world class waves. We have two waves seasons- summer (November to March), when the winds are offshore most of the day and the swell is smaller, and winter when the swell is bigger and the winds are usually clean in the morning and seabreezes kick in in the afternoon. The water enough for trunks all year round.

is the real drawcard for the region. The beach is about a 15 minute stroll from the cabin (exit property from top) and the best sandbanks are between 10-20 minutes walk further up. Or you can bike it straight to the break by road in about 10 minutes. The aptly named "Boom" is very consistent and basically goes hollow from takeoff. On small to medium swells it bears a very close resemblance to Hossegor in France in summer. On large southern hemi swells that arrive with power is starts to get thicker and stronger, like a more perfect and forgiving Puerto Escondido.

has an inside and outside wave which is actually a reef situated off an island, accessed in about 10 minutes by boat. From the cabin it's about a 15 minute bike ride down to the estuary to launch. (The price of the boat and captain is around $25 divided by the number of surfers onboard. ) On a good swell it provides long lefts of 50-80 meters. The wave peels uniformly with a steep smackable wall, a nice change from the shorter intensity of the Boom. The inside breaks on a different tide than the outside so as long as there's swell, it's surfable. It's good from three feet up and can hold serious size.


Aposentillo Beach

This beginners paradise is just a 10-15 minute stroll from the cabin. It's a beautiful beach where the local kids learn to surf before taking on the Boom.

is a 10 minute drive away and is a fun hotdog wave. The beach has rocks on either side and the sand usually builds up to form a peak on the right, the left and in the middle.If you are just sick of getting barreled, or in the novice-intermediate phase of surfing it's a fun alternative.



Watch Holly Beck enjoying her piece of paradise just a little ways down the road: